6 Steps to Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions

1 – Wash Your Hair Extensions

Wash your Hair extensions once a month employing a light shampoo and conditioner. Place the extensions in a tub or sink, and dampen them with lukewarm water. If you can, use a hand-held shower head. Apply a tiny low quantity of shampoo and gently massage the fibers. Rinse the lather out, and repeat with the conditioner.

■If your extensions square measure artificial, use a wig shampoo supposed for artificial fibers.
■If your extensions square measure real hair, use a light shampoo and conditioner, or a shampoo supposed for extensions.


2 – De-frizz

De-frizz artificial Hair extensions with water and material chemical. Fill a twig bottle with 2 components material chemical and one half water. shut the bottle, and shake it to combine. Spray the extensions with the answer, then comb through them. Use a good toothed comb, and add little sections, ranging from the ends initial.


3 – Comb Hair Extensions

Comb Hair extensions employing a wide-toothed comb. ensure that the extensions square measure dry. begin hairdressing them from the ends initial, and work your thanks to the highest. ne’er comb straight down from the highest to the ends.

4 – Hang to Dry

Hang the Hair extensions up to dry, and do not brush. Pat them dry with a soft towel initial, then clip them to a pants hanger. Place the hanger in your shower, or in an exceedingly well-ventilated space. Never use a blow dryer on hair extensions!!

5 – Iron Hair Extensions with Care!

Take care once heat styling your extensions. it’s best to avoid heat styling, like straightening or curling, all at once, particularly on artificial extensions. If you want to heat vogue them, make sure to use a heat protective spray, and a lower temperature.

If you can, get 2 sets of identical extensions. Try  use one”just for curling” and the other one “just for straightening.” This will extend the life span of the Hair Extensions Drastically!

6 – What Shampoo to Use?

Wash your hair each different day employing a light shampoo. Lather your hair gently, and work the shampoo downwardly, from scalp to ends. try and avoid touching the seamed half. Massage your hair in circular motions.
Ask the stylist who gave you your extensions about what form of shampoo you must use. She may be able to suggest a shampoo that’s best for your hair extensions

Hope you enjoyed our first article 😀 Look after those hair extensions ladies!


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